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Billy and Araina Lowery have over 25 years of combined experience in both property / casualty as well as Life insurance.

As they have a heart for truly assisting people with their insurance needs, they realized what everyone really wants is "A friend in the insurance business!"  It is with this mindset they adopted the philosophy, "Our loyalty is to our clients, not the insurance companies."

Remember, it doesn't matter how many years you have been with XYZ Insurance Company.  When you have to file a claim, they treat you no differently than a person who has been a customer for one week.

We have seen story after story of people who have been with the same company for 20+ years to find out they were severely underinsured.  They were literally underinsured to the point they would only be able to rebuild 60%-70% of their home had they suffered a total loss.  Another person was with the same agent, same XYZ company for over 20 years, to find out their flood insurance had been dropped 2 years earlier without being notified.  Needless to say, they suffered catastrophically with the recent floods of hurricane Harvey.

We will review your policy(s) with you at renewal, each year.  It will take all of 10 minutes or a simple email depending how long it has been since we last spoke.  We know you are busy and may forget to add that boat or that antique gun collection you inherited.  Perhaps you added an outdoor kitchen and patio cover.  We will ask probing questions each time we speak.  You don't have time to babysit your insurance needs, so we will!

Give us a call, or go to Facebook and instant message us, or send us an email at and we will get back with you within one business day . . . unless it is something that needs coverage immediately.  In that case, just include that info with your message!

Please give us a chance to earn your business!


Billy & Araina